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 Combat Tracking & Tactical Tracking 

ASF's mission is to provide tactical tracking instructors with real operational experience for tactical training of military and police agencies.  The benefits of tactical training as a team of trackers in both rural and urban areas enhance officer safety.  The combined teams of trackers are quicker, tactically more flexible, and provide both visual and scent tracking capabilities for the difficult situations.

Combat and Tactical Tracking are primarily the same.  The rules of engagement and standard opertion procedures used to engage the quarry/threat being tracked differ between Combat Operations and Law Enforcement High Risk Tactical Operations. 

Combat Tracking and Tactical Tracking Team Operations Courses

Tactical Tracking Level I

  • 40 hours
  • Focus on individual tracking skills, tactics, and tracking team formations

Tactical Tracking Level II

  • 40 hours
  • Focus on tactical team scenarios, night tracking, counter-tracking techniques, surveillance, and live fire drills

Combined K9 and Tactical Tracking Team

  • 40 plus hours depending on the K9's capabilities
  • Tactically combining a 5 man visual tracking team with a dog team is the safest, quickest and most efficient tracking style and is suitable for police that may track high risk criminals


  • $750 per officer or soldier per 40 hours of training
  • Travel costs added for instructors to train at your site

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