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 Public Order/Riot Control 

ASF has been working from both the United Kingdom and Germany to provide training to U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies.  ASF's lead instructor has worked and served in operating forces in U.K. and Northern Ireland.  He has also trained these units and U.S. Department of Corrections, and police elements in public order/riot control tactics.  ASF has also arranged with senior U.K. public order experts to assist with traiing or expand training to support elements requirements.

ASF personnel are qualified trainers for Bonowi and Deenside.


  • Basic Public Order
  • ASP
  • Use of protective shields
  • Public order unit tactics
  • Use of vehicles, horses, and water cannons
  • Advanced courses available with coordination


ASF Corporation
Lake George, CO 80827
Phone: (910) 639-2969