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 Risk Assessment Methodologies 

ASF, Inc. is licensed by Sandia National Laboratories to conduct assessments for various Critical Infrastructure to National U.S. standards.  ASF, Inc. is also licensed to teach Risk Assessments Methodologies for both communities (complex facilities) and chemical/petrochemical facilities in support of Homeland Security and commercial security requirements. 

The Risk Assessment Methodology for Communities (RAM-C) is a systematic process that has been developed to assist communities in assessing threat, prioritizing targets, identifying consequences, assessing completeness and effectiveness of security systems and helps to effectively use resources to address vulnerabilities in security and response systems.  RAM-C is a security risk-based approach which provides users with a tool to help screen a community and help identify key assets that may be potential adversary targets and to then conduct security risk assessments for selected assets or activities.

The Risk Assessment Methodology for Chemical Facilities, RAM-CF is a systematic, risk-based approach used to evaluate chemical or petrochemical facilities with respect to potential malevolent actions that could cause an undesirable event such as airborne releases of hazardous chemicals which would compromise the integrity of the facility, cause serious injuries and/or fatalities among facility employees, contaminate adjoining areas, and cause injuries and/or fatalities among adjoining populations.

The Risk Assessment Methodology for Prisions (RAM-P) is a systematic riskbased process that is used to assist prisons and jails of all types in evaluating the physical protection systems intended to ensure that inmates remain incarcerated for the specified legal time.  The primary thrust is to develop and evaluate potential escape scenarios.

Protecting the electrical power generation, transmission, and delivery system from potential threats is an important responsibility for the nation.  RAM-T is a risk assessment process designed to analyze the current security risks for electrical transmission systems and provide information to support effective risk reduction decisions.

RAM-W was designed to assist large water utilities and secrity professionals in assessing the risks from malevolent threats.  Through a systematic, thorough evaluation of the water utility operations, a prioritized plan for consequence mitigation, security upgrades, modifications to operational procedures, and/or policy changes can be developed to mitigate identified risks.

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