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 Test and Evaluation 

ASF personnel have extensive training and operational experience with military, weapons, explosives and equipment used by the military for combat operations.  Most have served as Subject Matter Experts with weapons, demolitions or tactical operations and have been in charge of using and training thee skills around the world.  Two key personnel were trained as Army Test Officers who served for years as experimental test officers at the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate.  Their responsibilities were to design and run operational and developmental tests of new equipment being considered for fielding in the Army Special Operations Forces.  ASF personnel have also served as Officers or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer leadership positions and realize the value of quality training and equipment.

ASF personnel have run tests and evaluations of equipment such as the XM-107 50 cal. Sniper Rifle, the Carl Gustoff Flechette round, Thermal Imaging Weapons Sights, Advance Parachutes, V22 Osprey, Ballistic Blankets, 2X2 off-road vehicle and assisted on many others.

ASF has leveraged its personnel's expertise to continue to provide military training and offer test and evaluation support of equipment.  ASF has ATF weapons, manufacturer of explosives, and destructive device licenses to support these services on or off the military installation.  Our tactical experience and in service contact afford us the opportunity to understand what the service member wants and needs from his training and equipment to ensure mission success.

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